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Hospital Play Specialist Association of Aotearoa | New Zealand


Full Membership (Annual Jan - Dec)

Full Membership is for those currently employed as a play specialist $120.00

Associate Member (Annual Jan - Dec)

For individuals or students from related professions, such as nurses or education staff etc, individuals previously employed as Hospital Play Specialists, or those who are interested in continuing to support the profession.  $100.00

Special Associate Member (Annual Jan - Dec)

For retirees and individuals currently on leave from the profession ~ such as mat-leave.  This special membership type is available by request only to the Executive Board. $40
Hospital Play Specialist Registration Council  HPSRC  

Initial Application Fee

HPSRC initial fee is paid when you complete your council registration for the first time. This is separate to the HPSAANZ membership fee.

Registration Council
Re-Registration Fee
This fee is for re-registration as an HPS and not related to your membership fee in any way. This fee is valid for 3 years. $40
Additional Registration options


  • STC return to Full Registration Fee 
  • Lapsed return to Full Registration Fee 


If you have been asked to complete it; you can find the Ministry of Justice Form Priv/F2 here


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